10 Easiest Skateboarding Tricks | With Videos

February 22, 2019

Yo! Here are (in my opinion) 10 of the easiest/neccessery skateboard tricks. Now, these definitely won't be "easy", these are banger tricks that will really help you progress. The more time you spend the better you will get, I like to focus on one that I see potential with. There is a video example with every trick. Check it out:

1. Ollie

How-To: Snap the tail with your back foot, slide the front foot up to level the board mid-air. It's all about timing and popping it just right.
Landing: Bend your knees as you come down. Stay centered over the board.

Video: Ollie Tutorial

2. Frontside 180

How-To: Like an ollie, but turn your shoulders and hips frontside as you leap. The board follows your body.
Landing: Stay loose and absorb the landing with your knees.

Video: Frontside 180 Tutorial

3. Backside 180

How-To: Just like frontside, but spin backside. Turn your head and shoulders first.
Landing: Keep your eyes on your landing spot. Bend those knees.

Video: Backside 180 Tutorial

4. Pop Shove-it

How-To: Back foot scoops the tail to spin the board 180°. Front foot guides it.
Landing: Keep your feet over the bolts and stay light on your feet.

Video: Pop Shove-it Tutorial

5. Kickflip

How-To: Pop an ollie, then flick the corner of the board with your front foot to flip it.
Landing: Catch the board with your back foot, bend your knees when you land.

Video: Kickflip Tutorial

6. Heelflip

How-To: Like a kickflip, but use your heel to flick the board away.
Landing: Catch with the back foot, keep your knees bent for the landing.

Video: Heelflip Tutorial

7. 360 Flip (Tre Flip)

How-To: A combination of a kickflip and a 360 shove-it. Requires a solid scoop and flick.
Landing: Catch with your back foot, stay centered, and absorb the landing.

Video: 360 Flip Tutorial

8. Manual

How-To: Balance on the back wheels. Keep your weight centered and steady.

Video: Manual Tutorial

9. Nose Manual

How-To: Balance on the front wheels. Lean forward slightly, keep it steady.

Video: Nose Manual Tutorial

10. Varial Kickflip

How-To: A kickflip with a backside pop shove-it. Get a good flick and scoop.
Landing: Watch for the board to complete its flip and catch it.

Video: Varial Kickflip Tutorial

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